20mm 18 Gauge Galvanised Brad Nails & Fuel (2000)

20mm 18 Gauge Galvanised Brad Nails & Fuel (2000)
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BT13 Series Galvanised 18 Gauge Brad Nails and Fuel.
To Suit GBT1850K Cordless Gas Brad Nailer

Finish nails (Brads) and T nails are normally of a rectangular cross section instead of being round.

Their diameters are less than the coil and stick nails, and are primarily used for finish and trim work in the construction and joinery industries. They are the same width as the shank, but the breadth of them is greater than the shank. This ensures that their holding power is enhanced, but of course the pull through force is lower than for nails with larger, Round or Clipped Heads.

Gauge/Diameter (mm) 18 GA
Length 20
Finish GALV
Description Galvanised 20mm 18 Gauge Brad Nails
Qty per box 2000 Finish Nails
1 x Fuel Cell

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