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Large Tile and Slab Saw

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The Prime 100 Bridge Saw is ideal for the building sector being suitable for cutting bricks, stone, concrete blocks, granite, marble and all types of slabs.

A Bridge Saw with a 2.2kw motor powering a 350mm diamond blade with ease and accuracy through tough masonry and ceramic building materials. Called a Bridge Saw because the the motor and Blade assembly slide on a rail that bridges the fixed cutting table.

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    An accurate extruded aluminium rail guides the motor and cutting blade assembly on a precise track giving perfectly smooth, straight cuts. The material to be cut whether it’s a stone slab, flagstone or a large marble tile, sit flat and unmoving on the cutting bed. The blade tracks perfectly above it, cutting the material without twisting, snagging and jamming. The Bridge Saw allows the cut depth to be set or free floating at different levels so a number of passes can be taken to make smooth cuts in tough materials up to 110mm deep.

    • Cuts material up to 110mm deep with a 350mm blade
    • Precision sliding cutting head
    • Cutting head tilts for up to 45° angle cuts
    • Extruded aluminium rail with interchangeable steel bearing tracks.
    • Accurate angle fence, length and width scales.
    • Industrial laser sight for accurate alignment
    • Switch fitted with NVR, to prevent accidental starting
    • High quality water pump for reliable cooling
    • Available with optional laser guide and wheels

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